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How To Play Board Kings? An Exclusive Guide For Beginners!

Playing casual games is lot of fun because you don’t need to compete against others. The main motive of the players is to complete the objectives to level up quickly. Board Kings is an interesting game in which you just need to touch the screen to throw the dice. After this, you need to see what happens and then take the other steps accordingly. You can land on the normal as well as special squares in the game. When you land on the normal square, then you will be rewarded with money. On the other hand, the special square will allow you to visit the boards of other players. 

No doubt, the game has a charming design, which is grabbing the spotlight and making it more popular. The game is simple to play and also offers many interesting features that can be enjoyed by gamers. Try to know about the gameplay and then start playing it to be an advanced player.

Know about the basics

Well, Board Kings is the type of game that will allow you to create your own board game. It is an interesting feature of the game, which may also encourage you to play it at least once. When you build your own board game, then you can also expand it by adding some more tiles. With the help of building and upgrading the house tiles, you can get various benefits. While playing this board game, you can win different rewards.

When you step on the different buildings on the board, then you can collect your rewards accordingly. While playing on the board, you can also get some bunnies that are required for making upgrades. It is important for beginners to play this game daily to learn how to be an advanced player. They should consider some tips and tricks because on every stage you may face some difficulties.

Tips to get started

When the game begins, players get to options to sign up for the game. They can either play as a guest or connect the game with Facebook account. When they choose to play as a guest, then they can’t play with their friends, and there is no option to recover your progress. On the other hand, when you connect your game account with Facebook, then it helps to enjoy various perks. It will give you so many options like you can invite your friends and also share your latest progress. 

You will never lose your progress in the game because it will be saved in your account. After this, players will pay attention to the option of player selection. They can choose a player and then also customize its look by changing outfits.

Bonus tips

Players should learn how to upgrade the city and follow other important tips to make progress in the game. At every level of the game, players will be rewarded with a good number of coins. Players should try their luck with dice to earn coins. After earning these coins, they should spend them smartly to avoid further issues.