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Board Kings – Effective Tips, Tricks, And Hints!

Board Kings has been created by Jelly Button with the building elements. Well, this game has a good combination of the board game and building elements, and surely you will love it. There are many tasks that players should complete to earn coins and other currencies. The game is based on scrolling a dice on the board. You can also build up your board and also visit the board of others. You will be awarded a good number of coins based on the outcome of the dice.

Well, there are many other aspects of the game to which players should pay appropriate attention. It is also important to learn the basic rules of the game before start playing it in a perfect manner.

Role of coins and gems

While playing Board Kings, players should understand the role of in-game currencies. There are two main currencies available – coins and gems. Both of the currencies have equal importance, and that’s why you shouldn’t ignore them. First of all, you should know about coins which can be earned in numerous ways. Earning coins is simple because you can get them by playing the game and unlocking the various features. On the other hand, gems have a significant role in the game.

Gems are known as the paid currency, and these are required to unlock tokens as well as extra buildings. You also have an option to convert gems into rolls and gold. Make the right use of these currencies in order to get the best out of them.

Try to save up gems

Gems are the premium currency that you can earn with the help of numerous methods. By stepping on the gem bank, you can get a good number of gems, and you may know about this tip. By visiting the player boards of others, you can also acquire gems. Well, this currency can also be purchased with real money. You should never overspend gems because it has great importance. Try to save up gems so that you can buy some extra rolls. It is really one of the beneficial tips that players should keep in mind to ease up their task.

Don’t waste your currencies on the vending machine

While playing Board Kings, there are many new playing figures that you can unlock. To unlock these figures, you can step onto the vending machine. With the help of this machine, you can get some free gifts. To gain a gift, you will be charged with 30 gems. You shouldn’t waste your in-game currencies in this way because having enough funds can help players to play the game in a smooth manner. Never spend gems on the vending machine and always use this machine to get the free prize.

Imperative tips

Players shouldn’t waste time on watching ads because it will not help them to win a lot of rewards in the game. Instead of watching these advertisements, players should focus on the game, which can help them to get several benefits.